Thursday, June 5, 2008


So what am I bid for this really awesome New Kids on the Block memorabilia? Two posters (one is a magazine pullout with Madonna on the B-side). Trading cards. Check out the HUGE button. Books with more behind-the-scenes photos. Oh! My! Gawd!

Don't tell Monica. She probably doesn't know her really cool mom stashed her schwag. Don't try and get this stuff for cheap...I'm hangin' tough!

Lest anyone think that I have a thing for the New Kids, this was inspired by these two recent bloggers: Monica dreams of Joey & Sandi gushes about Donny.


Monica... Media Professional said...


Oh my. I forgot about that crazy-big button! And is that a calendar hiding behind the poster? Did I mention how cute Joey was?!?

Good thing I still have the NKOTB towel in my possession (cuz really, who's going to steal it?!?).

Oh, mom. You kill me.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I'll trade you two Partridge Family records, an Archies penant, a Jackson Five belt buckle and a Monkees coloring book straight across.

Jordan is sooooooooo dreamy.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

OK! Are you saying you are selling the stuff? That does not sound right.

HOWEVER? We at the Blog Most Likely To... will make a generous offer. We are always looking for targets to shoot at when we make our annual trip to Horse Mountain to shoot our guns.


Sandi said...

Oh man! I so wish I still had some of the junk I had collected years ago but the prepubescent kisses and slobbers wore my Teen Beat magazine pages away. Oh well, practice made perfect. At least I finally did get married and I'll soon be the Sister-Wife to Donnie.

Sandi said...

I left Monica a note but just wanted to let you know that we got our tix yesterday. Yahoo! I'll bring you a shirt if you're lucky ;-).