Monday, June 23, 2008


This seems like a good time to bring up some of the things we love about our neighbors to the north. Monica can tell that we picked up the use of "as well" instead of "too" from her Canadian punk boys that passed through our home. It makes us smile as well when we hear them talk aboot anything on the news. We try and emulate their hard "r"s and references to paasta as opposed to our "paw stah" and always order "pop" so we don't stand out when ordering a meal. I really love the fact that, at least in the area we were in, the Canadians have it all over the U.S. when it comes to disposal. It's become common to have the notes in the room asking that you consider reusing linens if you're staying more than one night but this goes further. I think every motel we stayed in had a separate waste can for recyclables and those with in-house "continental breakfast" had special waste cans for not only recyclables but COMPOST as well. Even on the street. Check this out the trash cans on the street on Prince Edward Island. Most of the motels have also gone to shampoo, soap and lotion dispensers in the rooms. Soap and lotion at the sink. Shampoo and shower soap in the shower. None of those damned plastic bottles to land in the landfill. And Mark's beard was very soft after using the shampoo.

THINGS WE DIDN'T LIKE: No butt gaskets. That's right.. no "sanitary seat covers" in most any public washroom area of the three provinces we were in. That may be fine with you guys but it's a deal breakers for many of us girls. Ew!

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