Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Please Come To Boston

We were welcomed into Boston with a bit of drizzle but since temps were in the mid-50's, it felt a bit like home. We strolled to the Wonderland Station and caught the 'T', Boston's uber-awesome subway, to Fanueil Hall and the Quincy Market. Nothing like a bit of food and touristy shopping to get a trip off to a fab start. Pastries. Hot dogs. Chowdah. Sam Adams. Glo didn't even mind when we drug her along most of the Freedom Trail. Even checking out the graves of Paul Revere and Sam Adams wasn't too bad. By the time we walked (and walked and walked), had a bit of a nosh in the North End (Little Italy of Boston), our "dawgs"relished the ride back on the T. Gotta love the Boston talk and with the Celtics playing, it was crazy with all the "wearin' of the green" around.
Last night, we arrived late into Southwest Harbor Maine and looked up a friend from Santa Cruz who called just after we left to say she'd be in Eureka this week. What are the chances?! Luckily, she's home until Thursday so we got the local tour of "the island" including "Bah Habah" (the would be Bar Harbor if you don't speak Maine) and she fixed us up an absolutely awesome Lobstah Boil... Great fun...great visiting. Blueberry Ale. Very awesome. However, I'm back at the motel doing a load of laundry so my suitcase doesn't smell of the lobster juice that dripped and ran down my arms.
Tomorrow, we continue north to catch the ferry over to Nova Scotia. Hopefully, a computer will be available to catch up.


Sandi said...

Have a great trip! It sounds like you're off to an awesome start.

Kym said...

Mount Dessert Island in Maine is the only place other than Yellowstone Park that I think is close to as beautiful as Humboldt County. Add in the Lobster, and I'm ready to go back right now!!

Anonymous said...

Carol (of Greg & Carol) should be reading this. You are in her old neighborhood. Have you seen Larry, Darrel & Darrel from the Newhart show, yet?

Anonymous said...

The Conan O'Brien Show called Maine: "The Deep South of the Far North" You'll have to report back and say it ain't so.

Monica... Media Professional said...

Mom!! It's been days and we haven't gotten an bloggy update.

I know you guys come home late tomorrow, but I still want to know what you're up to.

How's Canada, eh?

Miss you guys.

beachcomber said...

Eko, no sign of the Darrells but, weren't they in Vermont?
It's funny but I was giving much thought to what Conan apparently was noticing. I came to the conclusion, though, that it seems the Canadians (at least where WE'VE been) have simpler standards. There will be a nice, neat house with a nice yard, small garden and a couple chairs (maybe even adirondacks) sitting in the front yard with a fire pit. No big flashy patio...HGTV won't be replicating the plan but it's nice. Seems like they do things for themselves rather than what will impress the neighbors. That was my take on it. There were one or two "heavy metal collections" (old cars and the like)but few and far between. Mark is sure they sell a LOT of white house paint. Don't know who the tacky people are with the TAN house?! Seriously, all along the Fundy coastline, the houses were 95% white. We saw no single-wides held up by engine blocks. No washer machines holding on the roof. The people were quiet, friendly...simple accommodations in the restaurants and hotels.
Sorry Monica, we took no lap top and the few hotels with computers would require my shoving hoggish Americans off in order to blog even briefly.