Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Five Islands Lighthouse; Economy, Nova Scotia.Mark and Glo practicing their rock-skipping skills ... again.
I'm not sure I can do justice to the area we drove on this day.... The weather was warm, maybe a little muggy. We came off of Prince Edward Island and back into New Brunswick, picked up a proper map at the Visitor Center and headed into (or is that on to) Nova Scotia. We wound our way around some back highways with only a few bad turns. Canada, as with Maine, is not big on signage. We would be driving along, lazily watching for a turn off, then realize we had somehow gone too far. We had the GPS with us but, since her charging dock was permanently mounted in Mark's truck, we used her only when necessary to save the battery. We started calling her Victoria after Gloria switched the GPS language to British. She was only of marginal help and would really piss us off when she would be directing us along, we'd turn where we thought we were supposed to, she would pause and in her snippy British tone ....."recalculating".... dammit! We did manage to find our way to the coast and, while eating lunch spotted a sign to a lighthouse so drove out to find yet another tiny navigational lighthouse, one of many we found along the coast. Not fabulous towers but tiny little workhorses, utilized for years by local fisherman. We continued along that coastline, deciding to get as far as we could that night in order to have a more leisurely drive into Yarmouth for the ferry on Saturday. We pulled into tiny Digby late, around ten, and had to make due with a tragically outdated little motel room for the night. Wood-paneling and Herculon furniture - does that conjure up an image for you? Not our favorite night but was marginally better than sleeping in the car. Barely.

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Kym said...

I'm enjoying your vacation vicariously. Beautiful photos!