Monday, June 23, 2008

DAY FOUR: I Saw the Light.....

We're BACK. I thought I'd bore you all to tears with more trip stuff. Day-by-day highlights. Maybe a few lowlights. A highlight was our fun visit with old friend, Velynda and a great but messy lob-stah din-nah... Check out those babies.
Day Four: We headed north from Bar Harbor with plans to see West Quoddy Light. I've always loved lighthouses but realize my family doesn't want to stop at EVERY light out there. This was a biggee -- the easternmost land point in the U.S. and the only one I knew we had to see. She was a red-striped beauty. As we walked around the museum on-site, I saw photos of another light ... a white tower with a red cross on the side. I was told that the East Quoddy Light was only a few miles away but required crossing a border into New Brunswick and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. We HAD to go. We were told that we would only be able to access the light itself at low tide. We drove out to the point. We saw the stairs leading up to the rock but....ummmm....where the HELL is the lighthouse?! We could hear it but saw nuthin'. Pea soup, as they say. The tide in this shot is about halfway in (or halfway out...). Trust me. I'm sure it was there. We saw photos where it was accessible and there are apparently a lot more stairs below the water level. I was a bit disappointed but got over it. What can ya do? We headed back to the States then continued our drive, crossing over into New Brunswick at Saint John for the night. Visited the Saint John City Market in the morning for fun. It was early but most of the vendors were up selling their, meat, cheeses, veggies (some I didn't recognize). It was not a huge place so we headed out of Saint John and towards the Bay of Fundy that day.

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